A Tale of Two Towers

Outside my front door, two towers split the skyline.  One was built in 1970. The other sprouted alongside its big brother in 2011. The first predated my birth by nine years; the second slipped in and sunk roots while I was away in sunny south Florida chasing a career and starting a family.

Here in the valley that coal and steel built, the world turns slower. But turn it does. Even smokestacks take last breaths, give up their final black plumes, and go silent. (more…)


The Cake War is Over: Celebrate with Cake!

The verdict is in: the Supreme Court has sided with the Colorado baker who refused to bake a homosexual wedding cake.

If you are outraged (because who isn’t outraged these days?), allow me to extend a peace offering in the form of tactical advice. Show Christian business owners your disapproval with their exclusionary attitudes by including yourselves. Go to their stores and restaurants and defiantly purchase their products. Clean them out! That’ll show ’em.

What’s that you say? Nobody is stopping you from buying their products?

I rest my case.

Bajoran Bill of Rights

I was only half paying attention as my son began to lecture me on some factoid he’d just learned. It takes great resolve to not go comatose during his spontaneous briefings, rich in data bits and short on the connective circuits that join those bits into narratives.

He had to repeat himself before I finally caught on to what he was saying: “Bajoran is a common Scandinavian name!”

Bajoran? I puzzled to myself, “Self, why did Star Trek name an alien civilization after some ancient Scandinavian dude?”

Then it hit me. (more…)

Rule with an Iron E

Some debates are so shamelessly contrived, it’s an insult to reality to even engage them. Such is my attitude regarding Trump’s “animal” comment and whether identifying human beings with our non-human fellow earth dwellers rises beyond the pale of our rapidly shrinking sphere of acceptable discourse.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but share this hilariously ironic news. An MS-13 gang member was just sentenced to prison for murder. His nickname? “Animal.”

Ok, maybe not hilarious. We’re talking about murder and a dead 15-year-old kid. But this dark soul just became the definition of irony.


All That U2 Can Leave Behind

With one fell tweet, U2 has obliterated half their fan base.

If the reaction on social media is an indication, this divorce isn’t going to be the amicable, no-fault variety. This is a take-the-kids, burn-the-house, fleece-for-alimony rift.

You might expect I’d be among the first to hire a lawyer and file papers. As a Christian with a sizable library of U2 CD’s and streaming playlist entries, I fit the profile. But before you take U2 to divorce court, you’ve got to meet them at the wedding chapel. I never said “I do.” (more…)

Sex Ed leads to Abortions?

Check out this haunting interview with a former abortion clinic owner: http://www.lifenews.com/2014/05/14/former-abortion-clinic-owner-we-pushed-sex-ed-to-create-a-market-for-abortion

Additional food for thought:

Today, a school shooting killed about 10 people. Today, a plane crash killed about 100. Today, U.S. abortions killed over 3,000 children, a rate that ultimately annihilates around 15 percent of all potential live births.

That slaughter is the gift that U2 wants to gift-wrap in a heart and drop on Ireland. I wonder: In the blood spatter, will Bono find what he’s looking for?

Killing Alfie Evans

Modern medicine is leprechaun’s gold. Every wish granted comes with a twist. In the old world, the sick just died. Now we have technology to keep them alive, to let them linger, even when we don’t have the cure for what ails them.  We preserve the frayed threads that anchor their slippery souls to solid flesh; and when those threads at last break, we turn on the machines. We summon artificial immortality that buys time for one more treatment and one more miracle, and, in so doing, we burden doctors and families with the difficult choice of when to “pull the plug.”  That brings us to Alfie Evans. (more…)

I feel unsafe

“I feel unsafe.” I’m done with those three little words. Words that used to bite but are now the ambient noise of a thousand boys-who-cry-wolf. Boys who fear ideas. Boys who shout down speakers at college campuses. Boys who have epileptic fits over the horror that is a Chick-fil-a restaurant. So now we need to ban those homophobic milkshakes and cisgendered waffle fries (I hear they’ve been laced with a serum that turns the gays straight, which might lead to legal trouble in California if some state senators have their way). (more…)

Sunday: the most segregated hour. So?

I don’t know whether Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in America. I do know that lots of people say it’s so, and they say it to make us feel guilty about our Sunday mornings, and they rarely if ever feel the need to back up their claim with facts.

Whether the facts back up the literal truth of the statement, at least we can agree that the general sentiment rings true: congregations tend to skew toward one skin color or another. Okay.

But you know what else rings true? The general sentiment that your local grocery store skews toward one particular skin color. Yet, no one is walking out of grocery stores in a huff, lamenting that grocery shopping is the most segregated activity in America. (more…)