America’s Emerging Culture of Shame

I came of age in the 1990s grunge culture, where apathy was the new black. Apathy to stigmas. Apathy to social status. Apathy to other people’s offense or disgust. We touted Woodstock live-and-let-live values rebranded with flannel shirts, baggy jeans and Doc Martens boots. We idolized the outsider, the dropout, the loser, the pot-smoking hobo (at least so long as the hobo had enough money to afford faux rags rather than actual rags). Uncool was the new cool, and there was no body piercing we wouldn’t try, no tattoo we wouldn’t ink, to mark ourselves as distinct from bland, cookie-cutter suburbia. (more…)


College Student Punished for Disagreeing with Professor

I’ll reserve judgment on this one, since the student and teacher seem to disagree on the facts of the incident. But even when you read the feminist professor’s own report, it doesn’t look good for her.



Government: the “first responder” you can’t count on

Since Stoneman Douglas, I’ve avoided jumping into the fray of the gun control vs. gun rights debate that monopolizes the news every time a mass shooting occurs. To join the bedlam of activists shouting at each other would have detracted from the concerns I wanted to address.

But then today, this story broke.

Read it. Scream. Punch a hole in your wall. Then hear me out. (more…)


My first article at The Fultum Post

My friends across the pond have started up a new current events website called The Fultum Post. Click here to read my first contribution to their effort.


Because I have kids in school too



Open Letter to Stoneman Douglas HS Students

A monster murdered your friends. A ghoul in a gas mask averted the sleeping FBI, slipped by your cowardly resource officer, seized Building 12 and repurposed it as a canvas for his nihilistic collage of bullets and blood and blame.

He convinced himself to hate you. To dehumanize you. To kill you.  Then he slaughtered 17 of you.

One was the niece of a photographer I worked with in Nicaragua. Another was a daughter who sat with her family every Sunday in the same pew at church — the pew behind one of my coworkers. Another was recognized by one of my wife’s Facebook friends who had met the girl at a Christian summer camp. (more…)


Running Interference

It’s refreshing to see the government wake up to the threat of foreign interference in U.S. elections. I guess all those illegal immigrants protesting in the streets are finally going to get what’s coming to them. We’re going to shut down their marches, arrest their spokespeople and send everyone packing.

Oh, wait. You meant the Russians. And you meant sending reporters to harass grannies who happened to share Facebook invites for pro-Trump rallies linked to Russians (the horror!).

Because morals are relative.

Because politics.


Learn Journalism as a Second Language!

1863nyt.jpgOn, the home page headline read, “White House knew about abuse allegations.”

At the exact same moment, told a different story: “New Strzok-Page texts call into question Obama’s 2016 statement on FBI probes.”

One wonders if our competing media sources hail from competing planets — if not from competing galaxies. To help you navigate those galaxies, I offer the following primer on journalism as a second language. (more…)


Nancy “Marathon” Pelosi



Burn, Philly, Burn



Dear Philadelphia,

You burned your city. You shattered windows. You hung from traffic lights. You flipped a parked car on its side. You vandalized and trespassed.

What would you have done if your team had lost?

Of course, the answer is, “Exactly the same.” Because the drunken carousing and reckless disregard for other people’s property wasn’t about the score. Not really. It wasn’t about the Eagles or the Patriots. It wasn’t about sports at all.

It was about having an excuse. (more…)